MeeGaa Substrates

Welcome to MeeGaa Substrates, the supplier of potting soil mixtures for horticulturalists and nurseries, among other markets. Using selected peat and coir as the basis, at factory we can compose any desired mixture for you.

At this moment our website is under construction so not all the information about MeeGaa Substrates is published online. Do you have any questions? Please contact us by phone or e-mail.


Our substrates are composed of various raw materials such as peat, coir, bark or perlite. In order to guarantee the quality of our raw materials, we work with permanent suppliers from various parts of the world. We procure peat, for example, from Ireland, Sweden and the Baltic States. We produce coir in India and Sri Lanka. We procure bark from Belgium and Northern France. We can subsequently combine the raw materials with a broad range of nutrients, including organic nutrients.

Which substrate is best for you, depends on your needs and your product. Our consultants will be pleased to help you make the right decision.

MeeGaa Substrates

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